Ralph Anglade

Meet Ralph
Ralph Heaven Shiller Anglade is a visionary, entrepreneur, and speaker on spiritual growth and development. He is the author of Spiritual Growth Boot Camp, which can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online.  The Spiritual Growth Boot Camp is a thirty-five day boot camp that focuses on the Holy Spirit, devotion, prayer, growing in Christ, overcoming strong holds, spiritual detox, meditation, affirmations and more. Ralph Anglade founded Heaven Nation Ministries and Heaven Nation Inc. to give back to the community. In addition, he also works alongside his wife, Mericia Anglade, as partner of God's Power Couple, LLC. Together, they speak on a variety of speaking topics such as relationships, financial success, faith and health.

The journey towards success and faith…
Ralph first began his journey as an entrepreneur in 2003. He relocated from Miami, Florida to Dallas, Texas to work as a consultant and spokesperson for a multimillion dollar network marketing company. While there, he developed his niche and knowledge in business. As a risk taker, and wanting to exercise his faith by seeking something more, Ralph decided to start his own business in the Logistics and Transportation industry, which he operated successfully for five years before having a passion and desire to be in ministry.     

The mission…
As a speaker and presenter, Ralph focuses on assisting individuals by encouraging and motivating them to move to action through his inspirational seminars, workshops and books. His spiritual development programs will make a difference in the lives of everyone in all aspects of their existence. His passion for souls can be seen in his dynamic presentations. His goal and purpose is to teach people how to discover their ultimate purpose in life through Christ. He relies solely in the Bible, personal experiences, inspired books and the Holy Spirit to lead him. He gives God all the glory for his accomplishments and success.