"Empowering people with the power of God.”

God's Power Couple is dedicated to providing the best materials for the listed topices below. 


Faith is vital, it is the power given to us by God to move mountains. We all have mountains that we want moved, which is possible with God through faith. Ralph and Mericia has made available various speaking topics regarding faith that points us back to the source of our help, peace and joy.


Tools to Weather the Storm

Making Forgiveness the Only Option

When Prayer Is All You Got

The Ten Commandments of Life

Five Secrets to Trusting God More

God’s Power Couple has powerful presentations, seminars, workshops that both those who are single and married will enjoy. The various topics are combined with role plays, rap sessions and healthy dialogues.


Surviving the Newlywed Years

I Make It, I Spend It

Becoming God’s Power Couple

Role Play: Communication over Conflict

The Ten Commandments of Marriage

Ten Things Not to Expect in a Relationship

Marriage Under New Management


Mericia is passionate about health, as result she has teamed up with Ralph to offer healthy lifestyle educational presentations. The health presentations are entertaining, informative, interactive and will get you motivated about making healthy lifestyle changes.


Three Ways to Detoxify Your Life

From Busy to Balance

Too Stress for Sex

Eight Steps to Losing Weight Fast

Steps to  A Healthier and Happier New You 

How to Get My Wife to Exercise and My Husband to Eat Right



Financial Success 

Financial freedom and money management is one of Ralph’s strengthens and has paired up with his wife to talk about the importance of a dollar. 

The presentations will have you thinking about how to better make use of your money and live stress free.

I make It, I Spend It

Simple Living to Be Debt Free

Ideas to Start Your Own Business On A Budget

The Ten Commandment of True Success

Three Keys to Excelling Beyond Dreams

His Money, Her Money, God’s Money

Steps to Being Successful Using Biblical Principals