Meet God's Power Couple

In 2011 Ralph and Mericia began establishing a friendship, which would later develop to something more. During the course of their friendship they became fond of each other and began to share their dreams and goals. One of those goals was becoming a power couple. They believe that marriage should be a ministry and the power to have a successful marriage comes from God. 
After about a year of building a solid friendship, Ralph asked Mericia to be his “girlfriend.” They courted for about 3 months before Ralph purposed and it took another 5 months to plan the wedding.  But if you ask Mericia, she would say “the courtship took place during their friendship, Ralph was just unaware.”


Throughout their friendship and courtship, Ralph and Mericia agreed to practice abstinence before marriage and to  keep God in the center while praying and seeking God’s counsel before making any decision.  Praying and seeking God is an attribute they continued to do from their courtship to their marriage. 

As a newly married couple, Ralph and Mericia have learned many lessons as it relates to faith, health, finances and success in their marriage. They have a wealth of knowledge to share to singles, those who are engage and those who are newly married.

Ralph and Mericia Anglade has united their God given talents to come together as a united front to share the beauty, and challenges of being single, married, exercising faith, managing money, and staying healthy. 
Their innovative and interactive presentations are based on real life scenarios that are funny, spiritual and relatable. They focus on forgiveness, healing, submission, character building and more. Ralph and Mericia’s motto is “We don’t tell people what to do, we share what have learned and what God has revealed to us.” 

Our mission to the world is to “Empower people with the power of God.”