Mericia  Anglade

Meet Mericia 

Mericia Appolon Anglade, also known as Ask M, is an author, lifestyle and wellness counselor, an advocate, educator, and speaker on health,  happiness and forgiveness. She developed successful programs, such as Happier, Healthier You, Eat to Lose Nutrition Boot Camp, and the Vital 8 Heart and Health Wellness Education Services. Mericia’s primary focus is to help people regain holistic health through mind, body, and spirit. Mericia also works alongside her husband as partner of God’s Power Couple, LLC.


Mericia attended Florida International University in Miami, Florida where she focused on Women Studies. As a result, she is an active member of the Florida Breast Cancer Association and partners with The Heart Truth, a campaign for women with heart disease. She is a Lifestyle Health Advisor having received training from the South Atlantic Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. She is certified in Natural Remedies with an emphasis on nutrition, pain and stress management, health, and hydrotherapy from Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital in northern Georgia. As a former  Health Presenter for United Healthcare and Baptist Health South Florida Hospital, Mericia conducts health awareness education at  various communities and organizations.


In 2014, Mericia reached another milestone when she published her first book, Live, Love, Laugh, Forgive and Be Happy.  In her book, she shares insights on how to live a happier life. Each chapter is filled with positive quotes, inspirations, and her own personal stories.  Her book is definitely for everyone who aspires to be happy. Live, Love, Laugh, Forgive, and Be Happy can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.  Her second book, Eat to Lose Nutrition Boot Camp, will be available on her website and on the two outlets mentioned.


Practicing What She Preaches


Mericia’s training and experience in health inspired her to create two exciting campaigns of her own that promotes total wellness: “Creating Healthier Churches” and “Be A Happier, Healthier You.” Mericia dedicates time to educate inner-city communities on the importance of health at local libraries, churches, schools, and women shelters.

Mericia has traveled all around the world to present educational health seminars, workshops, one-on-one counseling sessions, powerful presentations on what causes disease, and eating your way to health with cooking demonstrations. Through her programs, her clients have successfully changed their diets, defeated lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, reduced Hypertension and high Cholesterol, managed pain, conquered Obesity, anxiety, and established healthy and strong relationships.