"Mericia is bringing healthy back: Mind, Body, & Spirit." 
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Mericia Appolon Anglade

Mericia Appolon Anglade, also known as Ask M, is an author, lifestyle and wellness counselor, an advocate, educator, and speaker on health, happiness and forgiveness. She developed successful programs, such as Happier, Healthier You, Eat to Lose Nutrition Boot Camp, and founded the “Vital 8 Heart and Health Well-ness Education Services,” Mericia’s primary focus is to help people regain holistic health through mind, body, and spirit. Mericia also works alongside her husband as a partner of God’s Power Couple, LLC.


Mericia Anglade Flyer
Mericia Anglade Flyer

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Mericia Anglade Flyer
Mericia Anglade Flyer

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Workshop & Classes
Conquer Diabetes in 4 Weeks                  
Bring Healthy Back                                    
4 Week Nutrition Boot Camp              
Live, Love, Laugh, Forgive & Be Happy Series
How to Drop the Fat Like It's Hot
Cooking Classes
Eat to Lose

Are you ready to kick your diabetes to the curve and drop those unwanted pounds? If the answer is yes, then your next step is to register for "Conquer Diabetes" or “Eat to Lose Nutrition Boot Camp.” The classes are engaging, informative, motivating and will get you the results you want. The classes are made available via correspondence or in class. Enroll today.                                            




Health Seminars
Diabetes "Is it the Sugar?"                  Cancer: The Epidemic
Hypertension: The Silent Killer          Eat to Lose to Live
Cholesterol: Hero or Villain                Men's Health
Obesity: The Weight is Over               Women's Health
Arthritis: Bad to the Bones                 Natural Remedies      
Steps to Bring Healthy Back              Nutrition and You           
Detoxify Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Mericia address each health topic uniquely by identifying the causes and symptoms of each lifestyle debilitating disease.   Her presentations are engaging, interactive and so simple that even a child can understand. She focuses not just on education of the disease, but on prevention and relief through lifestyle change and natural remedies. After each presentation attendees will have the privilege of Q & A.


Speaking Topics
What's Love Got to Do With It? 
I am Every Woman 
Redefining Me: The Identity Crisis
Letting The Air Out  
The Forbidden Fruit
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
From Single to Married
No More Desperado
What Mama Should've to Told You

As a "Speaker" Mericia Anglade will grab your attention. She speaks from the heart to reach her listeners. She is personable, relatable, and will have each person at the edge of their seat. You will laugh, cry, and self-reflect. Mericia has a passion for character building and  to move people to action.

Health Lectures
Group Coaching 
One-on-One Consultations
Phone Consultations
Lunch & Learn Seminar
Build Your Own Program 
Cooking Classes 
Train the Trainee
Creating Healthier Congregations